Sunday, 19 February 2012

This is the early stages of 'Modern Recreation'....illustrating the first cuts for the mountain bike and the compassset behind the back wheel.
This is a shot of the working area on Otley Chevin where the sculptures grew....with them all in close proximity I was able to move from sculpture  to sculpture as I was forming much to take away or leave.
This is the day the wood arrived from Leeds City son was on inspection duty !
A series of sketches and early models/maquettes for the Sculpture Trail I am proposing to carve during the Summer this year down in London.

'Sprinter'   Beech  6x3x3feet  Jan 2012
As  the project began to look possible from the various parks being interested I did three large scale sculptures demonstating the type of sculpture I would be leaving in their park...for their community and Legacy.

More sketches for possible chainsaw sculptures.

'Otley Show 2011'
In my own town of Otley, Yorkshire we hold the oldest agricultural show in the country...I decided to make a one day sculpture of this, 'Rams Head' and it seemed to go down well with the locals.

Discus, High Jump, Sprinter, Hockey, Archery, Volleyball,
Gymnastics, Rowing, Sailing, Diving,....and two rather distorted Weightlifters !

'Reach' (or 'Basketball') with 'Cycling' in the background....both 6Feet tall chaisaw-carved in a day.

'National Cross'  6x5feet 1994
I painted this many years ago, I have been a competitive hill and cross-country runner for over twenty years.

Some more large format paintings showing distortions in anatomy, with 'Jamaican Queen' in the background.

Here is a publicity shot for the Otley Heritage Time Trail that was finished in 2010, showing what clothes not to wear when handling chainsaws !

Discus, High Jump, Sprinter.  (Clay 10ins. tall each)
Initial ideas in three dimensions, looking at light on surface and levels of realism and distortion/stylisation.

'A Yorkshire Tale'    4x3x3feet
I hand carved this in situ  in four days.

This shows the wood I chose for the Otley Sculpture Trail.

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