Sunday, 19 February 2012

'Ellora'  Oak 14x14x30ins. March 2012
This is a recent commission I have made for the new Cutty Sark Museum , London.

The sculpture was all hand-carved and it has a rich flowing is intended that members of the public are free to touch the sculpture and it demonstrates the stages of the form coming out of the block.

'Ellora' in the garden just before she set off to her new home in in the heart of London.
Studies and doodles.
Some of the early models are fairly awkward, so for example I have decided to carve the 'Rowing' sculpture on a 9feet long piece of wood horizontal to the ground...I will do the same for 'Cycling' and maybe 'Triathlon'
Pages of a sketchpad I began back in early 2011
'Volleyball', 'Gymnastics II', and 'Hurdles'
'The Three Rs'
This is another commission I have undertaken recently for my home Otley Town is to be a commemorative sculpture unveiled for the Queens Jubilee celebrations in June.

Over 3 tonnes of local stone...and another piece to be attached to the top !

The concept is that of the Wharfedale Press that was invented in Otley, West Yorkshire back in 1850 and how it came to reolutionise literacy levels with it's ability to multiple print.
The 'Three Rs' are to be carved in the stone in high typographic relief...and mainly visible when approaching the sculpture from Otley bridge.

This shows a close-up, and it takes me back to my college days when carving a series of 'Still Lifes' in stone in the back yard at Birmingham School of Art in the mid. 1980s.
I have put these recent pictures of the work in progress on this Olympic site as they demonstrate confidence in scale, ambition, and an affinity for putting art in public places.
'Deer Family'    Beech 7x4x3feet   2010.
Two  years on and this sculpture is weathering will however be getting a coat of anti-fungal oil this summer when it dries out to help protect the surface.

My kids give you an idea of the scale, and how many of these sculptures I have made are interactive with young people.  When you come across a sculpture in a park like this it is like a bit of magic, a lucky find.
Above image showing the early stage studies.
......and the 'Dummy Runs'!
'Reach'      Beech  6x3x3feet      Jan.2012

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