Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Please go to www.yorkshirecarver.blogspot.com for an up to date view of all seventeen London chainsaw sculptures
Thanks Shane

Sunday, 12 August 2012

                                    No. 17   'Marathon Runner'   Mayesbrook Park   11th August 2012
     .................happy to do a half day today to finish off this sculpture venture, strange as it may seem at this point I  feel this sculpture is the one that will help my approach to carving move on .....and ther is my van heading back up north to home and Yorkshire.
                              No. 16     'Rowing'   10feet long Cedar   Mayesbrook Park  10th August
                                   .......Husqvarna tools, my reliable friend, my knuckles beginning to ache now ...one more day to go !
                                                   No.15   'Sailing'   Brockwell Park  9th august 2012
.........and well done to all GB athletes on water, especially Ben Ainslie x 4.
                                                     ...well done GB gymnasts
                                                 No.13  'Gymnast'    Brockwell Park  8th August

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

                                         Victoria Park   Monday 6th  August    No. 13  'Boxer'
The last day at Alexandra Palace with  Hockey, Clay Pigeon Shooting and Triathlon....well done the Brownlee lads , they did GB and Yorkshire proud !

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Ali Palace Weekend 2
                                                               Ali Palace Weekend 1
                                        No. 11  'Triathlon'  8x3feet    Alexander Palace Park  Sat.4th august
                                                   My two kids down in London at last.
Looking forward to having my day off from carving on Tues to watch the Brownlee Bro. perform !
                                     No.12    'Clay Pigeon Shooting'   Alexander Palace Park Sun 5th August

Thursday, 2 August 2012

'Basketball' or 'Reach'   8feet Elm  Ravenscourt Park, nr. Hammersmith  30/8/12
It is about halfway now and my hands ache from six days of eight hours carving....having a break today as one of the small parks has not got the wood in place, so I am off to see David Nash's work at Kew Gardens followed by picking up some new saws this afternoon.
Tomorrow I start my second weekend spell at Alexandra Palace, then it's onto Victoria, Brockwell, and finishing at Mayesbrook
No. 11   'Triathlon'    Sat. 4th August  Alexandra Palace Park
No.10   'Hockey'  Fri. 3rd August Alexandra Palace Park
                                         No. 9    'Hurdler'   1st August     Wormholt Park, Hammersmith

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

'Runner' in progress  Bishop's Park, Fulham
                                            No. 7  'Runner'    8feet tall    30th July 2012  Bishop's Park
                                        No.8  'Baskettball' or 'Reach'
31st July 2012....eight hours of good carving ...my favourite so far in it's passage of light and form...went with the tree.
.....hard work carving up high with the 560XP...great cuts though following eight foot lines !

Weds. 1st August ....No. 9 'Hurdler'.......off for an extended lunch to watch the Time Trials .....Well done Wiggins and Frome.....legends this close after Tour De France.... Gold and Silver !

Sunday, 29 July 2012

'Diving' work in progress Sunday29th July

'Discus Thrower'  Friday 27th July... the Classical Greek image of the Olympics revisited with modern eyes to coincide with the opening ceremony.